Hollywood Casino and Hotel Tower at Greektown

Hollywood Casino And Hotel Tower At Greektown
  1. About the Hollywood Casino and Hotel Tower at Greektown in Detroit
  2. Architect and team
  3. Architectural style
  4. Spaces and uses
  5. Structure and materials

The Hollywood Casino and Hotel Tower at Greektown is a Contemporary skyscraper designed by Rossetti Architects, in association with HBG Design, and built between 2006 and 2007, for a reported $245 million dollars, in Detroit, MI.

Hollywood Casino and Hotel Tower at Greektown is not the only name you might know this building by though. The building is, or has also been known as Greektown Casino.

Its precise street address is 555 East Lafayette Street, Detroit, MI. You can also find it on the map here.

The building underwent a major restoration between 2017 and 2018. The architect commissioned to undertake this restoration was Rossetti Architects.

Building's timeline

Construction begins
Construction completed
years ago
  1. 2017 to 2018 - The Hotel and Casino overwent a $30 million renovation. The hotel was reimagined from the front desk to its 400 rooms, inspired by the vibrant history of the city. The architect in charge was Rossetti Architects.

Architect and team

Rossetti Architects was the architecture firm in charge of the architectural design, in association with HBG Design. But there was also one other architect involved, as far as we know. We are talking about Paul Steelman.

Architectural Style

The Hollywood Casino and Hotel Tower at Greektown can be categorized as a Contemporary building.

Contemporary style architecture builds on top of the principles of Modernism and Postmodernism, but incorporates other variables which might not have been that important in the past, but certainly are today, such as technology, sustainability, inclusivity, and others.

From a historical point of view, it is hard to categorize things from a not-so-distant time, and therefore we choose to categorize most buildings built after the year 2000 as "Contemporary". It is possible that as time goes by and we, as a society, gain perspective on the things happening today, we'll be able to look back and recategorize all these buildings into more concrete subsections, some of which might not even exist today.

That being said, and even thought being a contemporary building, probably taking advantage of modern materials, construction techniques, and technology, the design of the Hollywood Casino and Hotel Tower at Greektown is inspired by the postmodernism style.

Spaces & Uses

The Hollywood Casino and Hotel Tower at Greektown reaches an architectural height of 344ft (105m). It has a total of 30 floors.

In regards to parking space, the building has a total of 3000 spots available, which roughly equals 100 spots per floor (above ground).

Ever since opening its doors to the public in 2007, the Hollywood Casino and Hotel Tower at Greektown has been a mixed use building. It incorporates 2 main uses, which are gambling, and hotel spaces.

About the Hotel

The hotel is a 4 stars category hotel, with a total of 400 rooms available to the public. The name of the hotel is Hollywood Casino at Greektown.

344ft (105m)

Materials & Structure

The facade in this case is non-load bearing, which means that it does not serve as a structural element, and therefore the architects had total freedom to work on its design without worrying about the support of the building.

From an aesthetic point of view, the facade features a blue-colored curtain wall that uses for types of reflective blue hues to create a sense of motion and represent the moving water of the nearby Detroit River.

At ground level the facade turns into a more massive brick wall base, that ties the building with the aesthetics of other, older surrounding buildings in this historic neighborhood.


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